Covid Services at Aurora St. Charles

The Social Service Coordinator, Mrs. Doyle, started working at Aurora St. Charles and Fairhaven Crossing during the peak season of the pandemic.  Each location serves a different population of residents and located in different areas. Being that each location needed different assistance in services, the Social Service Coordinator tried to partner with other agencies within the area that would help provide support to meet residents’ needs.

As a Social Service Coordinator, my concerns were that residents be able to obtain needed support while still maintaining positive health and remaining safe. Residents were checked on weekly either by phone or visit.  Residents were also able to celebrate the holidays in a safe environment and engage in activities while still working through the pandemic.

I was able to collaborate with other agencies and assisted programs to help residents. 

Aurora St. Charles

ECHO Development Center

·        Residents receive boxes of groceries and a hot meal every week during the pandemic and now biweekly.

·        Collaborate on events such as Mother’s Day/ Father’s Day/ Covid Vaccination


·        Vouchers are provided monthly to residents that are in need of assistance for housewares/ and clothing.

VNA Clinic

·        COVID Vaccination Clinic for Residents.


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